Hello – welcome to the new website, a new record and new shows!

It feels like ages since I last toured, and a thousand years since I last toured with the band. In between 2010’s Alphabet of Hurricanes, 2013’s From The Lowlands and my new album, a lot has been going on, even if most of it is behind the scenes.

I’ve been writing songs for and with other people, most notably Marianne Faithfull, and some pop stars (who I can’t name for reasons of jinxing the outcome and annoying some managers) as well as writing some film, tv and classical pieces. Oh and a book. But I’ve been doing that for ages.

Anyway, it’s exciting to be releasing a new record, lucky number 7, and especially exciting to be touring with the band again. The dates are busily being booked for the Autumn, I have a couple of festivals in the meantime, and possibly one or two tiny secret events! It’s all shaping up to be a busy year.

The new site is hopefully more compatible with phones and tablets, and whatever the hell we’re all supposed using now in the modern world. But let us know if you have any problems or discover any issues we’ve missed.

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